ply wood

ply wood

Plywood technique, strength and maintains its leading position in the decorative features wood panels taken out from the past. Currently, many technical requirements in the industry, as it enables the economical and environmentally friendly way to meet, find use in many new areas.

Structural plywood: Uncoated cargo carrier features are usually coniferous (softwood) are made from trees. Supply is not economically viable in large quantities and prices. In Europe, spruce plywood, Douglas fir are among the examples in North America. Appearance is irrelevant and low quality. Internal bonding of phenol resin is preferable to be water-resistant. Common areas in buildings, revealing additional coating on them (parquet, carpet, tiles, shingles, siding, etc.), Laying on wooden & steel frame buildings (weight 18 mm.), Walls (weight 12 mm.), Roofing (12 & 15 mm.) and they all load bearing applications. Overall dimensions are 1220/1250 x 2440/2500 mm (4 x 8 feet). Lightweight, enough strength, economy, workability & workability, to be attached to construction, water & moisture resistance, and so on. Advantages include are.

Decorative and architectural applications: Interior & exterior wall, ceiling, roofing and decorative as the visible surface are non-weight load-bearing applications. Protection of exterior paints and building facades, interior decoration transparent & semi-transparent paints and varnishes, selected quality with a good view, derived from hard & softwood plywood are used. Show them with paint and varnish in both images should enable natural light due weight wood (birch, spruce, beech, etc.) Are preferred. Front edges thousand must be processed corrugated paneling looking surfaces. They bükülebilmekte certain radius of curved surfaces. The minimum thickness is 12 mm in front. Natural appearance, workability, durability, and longevity are among the advantages of the solution.

Concrete moldings plywood: Phenolic film coated surfaces are insulated plywood and paint the edges of the load-bearing properties. Mainly used dark brown film. Phenolic film coating die onto concrete from the ease of separation of the concrete, and moisture resistance to the corrosive effects, thus allows repeated use. Mold type (curtains, floor, column, beam) by concrete pressure the strength obtained from weight hardwood used high main panel to meet (birch, Keruing, beech, etc.) Internal bonding phenol resin needs to be water resistant. Weight of 18 and 21 mm. Used in thickness, size 1220/1250 x 2440/2500 mm. Maximizing the larger sizes or custom sizes for customers in formwork systems are produced. High strength / weight ratio, to ease handling on site and workability, stiffness, wood-specific advanced thermal insulation, obtained by phenolic film flat, smooth concrete surface, strength improved resistance to water and humidity, is among a number of advantages to use multi again.

Plywood, furniture: Usually drawers, shelves, doors, cabinet backs, furniture or interior construction is used in all kinds of furniture. Coniferous (soft) or broad-leaved (hard) wood can be used. Internal phenolic adhesive, water resistant or white glue in E1 may be the norm. The modern design of the visible surface finish, with smooth appearance with paint quality plywood is used. Birch, beech plywood or pressed in special molds grand furniture in curved shapes (chair) is used in the production. Thickness 4 mm according to usage. to 18 mm. Among vary. Durability, workability smooth, natural & benefits include decorative appearance.

Transport industry: Heavy or light transport trailers, containers, the freight carrier vehicles such as pickup trucks feature implemented in the flooring, from hardwood (birch, beech, Keruing) plywood are obtained. The upper surfaces of increased abrasion resistance, friction with phenolic film coating; flat rear surface, the moisture barrier is coated with phenolic film edges is sealed. Inner water-resistant phenolic resin adhesive. Weight kalınlıklık are 27 and 30 mm. It is produced in special sizes to fit the body dimensions. High strength / weight ratio because of the lightness, resistance to humidity & water, improved abrasion resistance, to be attached to a solid steel body, are between flexibility advantages. The side panel of the vehicle, various sites such as plywood in the storage portion are applied.