Gasoline or petroleum gas or diesel fuel is used as fuel for diesel engines and thermal installations. Its hydrocarbon range is between C14-C20 and boiling point range of 385-250 ° C.
 And even the C25 gas oil is composed mainly of three groups of paraffin, naphthenic and aromatic, with a minimum flash point of 54 ° C and a maximum drop point of 0 ° C.
Its density is 820-860kg / m3 at 15.6 ° C. The most important feature of this is the number of people that should be more than 50, so that the soft and quiet engine works.
Diesel fuel is referred to as any liquid fuel used in diesel engines. This fuel is extracted from the special method of distillation other than Mazuto oil, but there are other methods for the processing of diesel fuel without oil utilization, including Biodegradable, biomass-to-liquid (BTL) and gas-to-liquid (GTL), which is rapidly expanding globally. To disambiguate between species derived from oil and other species, the oil is called naphtidisel or petrodizel. A very low sulfur diesel is a standard for the definition of diesel, which has very low sulfur content. According to 2007 statistics, nearly all diesel fuel used in the United States and Europe, it is a very low sulfur species.