Satin Finishing Plaster

Satin Finishing Plaster

Satin plaster is used in plastering on dried concrete, porous concrete, perlite gypsum plaster, plaster panel which creates an extraordinarily smooth surface after plastering.

Its long period of absorption and setting adds to its applicability and prevents from forming any pert in plaster.

Also, its special granular distribution helps to create smooth surfaces.

It is also a good substrate for all kinds of colors and wallpapers.


Technical specifications

6.5-7.0/10 kg

Water/plaster factor

90  minutes


120-150 minutes

End of setting

(min) 1.5 N/mm2

Tensile bending strength

(min) 2.5 N/mm2

Compressive Strength

750 kg/m3


1kg/  for 1 mm thickness

Amount of consumption

30 kg

Net Packaging