Machine gypsum plaster

Machine gypsum plaster

Machine gypsum plaster

This plaster with additives is used over concrete, brick, tile, concrete blocks, etc. by means of the machine. The physical shape of the plaster is white powder plaster and should be used in at least 70 minutes after its mixture.

This plaster is used in single stage and high speed and saves a lot of time and cost.

If kept far from humidity, this product is usable for one year.

This plaster is a product of perlite gypsum plaster and has all the characteristics of it; however, this product has high usability period and resistance.


Technical specifications

5.5-6.0/10 kg

Water/plaster factor

75 minutes


170-190 minutes

End of setting

(max) 3 days

Drying Time

(min) 0.3 N/mm2

Tensile bending strength

(min) 2.5 N/mm2

Compressive Strength

730- 780  kg/m3


9.5 kg/m2  for 1 cm thickness

Amount of consumption

30 kg

Net Packaging