Versatility is the reason why float glass ischoice for applications in the construction, decoration, automotive andhigh-tech sectors. It can be processed in every imaginable way (grinding,bending, toughening,) and is often used as a base glass for an entire range ofglass products including:

·        Mirrors and painted glass, etched matte glass

·        Tempered and laminated glass, safety andsecurity glass

·        Coated glass: solar-control glass andinsulating glass

·        Double glazing and triple glazing


Flexibility extends to thickness levels .it isavailable in a large standard range of 2 mm to 12 mm, or if need be,extra-large size sheets are possible up to 1,500 cm x 321 cm (15 meters). Ifthis is what you are after, AGC also has a special range of extra-thin glassdedicated to high-tech applications such as electronics, framing and displays,which include glass thicknesses ranging from 2 mm down to 0.85 mm.