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Geosynthetic materials are one of the biggest bands in the textiles in the traditional sense, except that of synthetic fibers (based polymers) are made rather than natural fibers (such as cotton, wool, etc.), so the problem of wear and tear consequently, there will be short-lived.
Separation, reinforcement, filtration (filtration) and drainage.
Geotextile can be divided into two general categories:
1. nonwoven geotextile (Non-Woven Geotextile)
2. woven geotextile (Woven Geotextile)
Geotextile applications:
- The use of non-woven geotextile for protection against cracks and pores in the different layers of tunneling projects.
- Used in road and rail projects as amplifiers and filters and filtration of different layers of infrastructure.
- Use woven geotextile as a cost effective way to strengthen and seal separation walls and dams.
- Use woven geotextile in the context of land consolidation projects that require an increase in freight rates CBR soil.
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